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Governer Christie Makes YouTube Sensation's Dream Come True

It was a little boy's impossible dream to become Governor of New Jersey, but he found out that if you cry hard enough it is possible.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie temporarily turned over the reins to 5-year-old Jesse Kozon, whose rant recently went viral on YouTube.

In the Youtube video, Jesse's mother asked why he was crying and he responded, "I want to be the governer and I can't...Everyone tells me I'm too small to be the Governor of New Jersey!"

Governor Christie also made Jesse's twin brother Brandon, lieutenant governor for a day. The twins used their time in office to wreak havoc.

"A lot of people said there were reasons I shouldn't be governor, but 'too small' wasn't one of them!" Christie told reporters.

Jesse was three when he said on video he would raise property taxes. Now at age five, he's become a true politician.

"Did you and I have a talk about property taxes?" Christie asked Jesse.

"Of course we did!" said Jesse.

"What did I tell you?" asked Christie.

"Don't raise 'em!" answered Jesse.

Jesse told INSIDE EDITION that he is way too young to be a governer but maybe when he is 30.

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