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Details of the So-Called Real-Life Bonnie and Clyde's Alleged Crime Spree

There is more information about the Bonnie-and-Clyde couple at the center of that terrifying shoot-out at a police roadblock.

Cops say Michael Bagwell and girlfriend Diana Dayton, a former homecoming queen nominee, tried to force their way into an affluent home during their three-state crime spree.

"I saw him at a full run, both hands out, coming at the door. I was able to lay into the door and he was fighting the handle down, trying to keep it open, and I was trying to fight the door lock with him and finally got it locked," said homeowner Wesley Crook.

At one point the couple allegedly stole a car and dumped it in a lake when they were finished with it.

They were driving in a stolen Jeep when they crashed through the police roadblock near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Diana Dayton's mother gave INSIDE EDITION family photos of the beautiful blonde 35-year-old. She wasn't even aware her daughter, a former track star and volleyball player, is accused of being part of the real-life Bonnie and Clyde team until INSIDE EDITION told her!

"Thanks to you we now know where she is. This is very embarrassing to our family," she said.

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