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Mom Thanks Flight Attendant for Calming Down 4-Month-Old Baby Girl on Plane

Playing Mom Thanks Flight Attendant for Calming Down 4-Month-Old Baby Girl on Plane

A mom was extremely grateful after a flight attendant was able to calm down her 4-month-old daughter during a flight. 

Whitney Poyntz said she was traveling from Palm Springs to Calgary earlier this month when her daughter, Kennedi, awoke on the WestJest flight as the captain started speaking over the intercom.

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“Our daughter was asleep when we boarded so we figured it would be an easy peasy flight. Man, were we wrong,” Poyntz wrote on her post thanking the airline. 

Thirty minutes into the flight, Poyntz said Kennedi began crying nonstop and that’s when a flight attendant named Ashley offered to help. 

“Ashley came up to us and asked if she could take her and walk up and down the aisle,” Poyntz said. “First I thought in my head was, 'Umm a stranger wants to walk my screaming child up and down the aisle?’ But she did and got her calmed down.”

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Poyntz said she was shocked that anyone would take the time to do what the flight attendant did. 

“Ashley I would like to thank you for the over and above customer service (baby whispering) that you gave...,” Poyntz wrote. 

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