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Cat Chased Up a Tree by Dog, Rescued 3 Days Later

Playing Cat Chased Up a Tree by Dog, Rescued 3 Days Later

A 15-year-old cat was scared for her life while stuck in a tree, where she wound up after being chased by a dog in Georgia.

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The cat, Butterfly, was stuck in the tree for three days before a rescuer came to get her out. It wasn’t a firefighter who answered the call, but a civilian contacted by PETA.

After Butterfly’s family tried everything they could to get her down from the tree, nothing worked until her hero arrived with some tools and comforting diction.

He recorded the whole incident on his GoPro camera and in the video, the rescuer was heard letting the scaredy cat know she was going to be safe.

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"You OK, huh? Yeah, you're OK," he said, as he used ropes and pulleys to climb the tree. He even hacks through branches with a saw to reach Butterfly.

After reaching the feline, he put her in a bag and lowered her down, returning her to the people that consier her part of the family.

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