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Persistent Bear With Taste for Brownies Refuses to Leave Woman's Home

Playing Persistent Bear With Taste for Brownies Refuses to Leave Woman's Home

A Connecticut woman got an unexpected and terrifying knock on her door last week while she was making brownies, as a bear came by to see what she was doing.

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“My neighbor across the street just came over in a panic,” one of the resident’s neighbors said to a 911 dispatcher. “She's a little old lady screaming that a bear got in her back porch and is slamming on her glass door.”

A slim pane of glass was all that came between the woman in her Avon home and the hungry bear drawn to the house by the delicious smell of fresh-baked brownies.

"The bear apparently moved the screen slider with his paw," one neighbor told Inside Edition. 

A second neighbor's call to 911 showed how desperate the bear was for a taste of those brownies.

“We have a bear attempting to get into a house and he's not afraid of noise, screaming, or yelling, or pounding,” the other neighbor said.

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The 2-and-a-half-year-old bear, who had giant yellow tags hanging from his ears bearing his name — No. 16 — would not budge from the home, no matter how much noise the owner made.

Bear sightings in the area are reportedly common.

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