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Bear vs. Dog: Who Comes Out on Top in This 'David and Goliath' Battle?

Playing Bear vs. Dog: Who Comes Out on Top in This 'David and Goliath' Battle?

Forget the latest prizefight between two championship boxers — a showdown between a dog and a bear in California has everyone talking.

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A bear wondered into a yard in an upscale neighborhood near Los Angeles Tuesday and was captured on a helicopter camera.

The "David and Goliath" battle played out on live TV.

As the bear fiddled around in the backyard, played in a pool, and wandered around, a brave dog named Ba Bao chased the wild animal down a hill.

Ba Bao was protecting his turf and did not want the curious bear interfering, leaving the wild animal to retreat back to its home in the woods.

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"He is protecting the property, the family, but I was also concerned about his safety. I certainly didn’t want him to get into a fight with the bear," the dog’s owner, Eddie, told Inside Edition.  

"Ba Bao" actually means "meat bun" in Taiwanese. It is nice to know, he didn't end up a meat bun for this hungry bear.

The homeowners say the bear sighting was actually a little frightening because they have young children who are usually out playing in the yard at that time of day.

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