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Hear This Woman's Shriek as She Learns She's About to Be a Grandma

Playing Hear This Woman's Shriek as She Learns She's About to Be a Grandma

A soon-to-be grandmother’s piercing scream was not one of fear, but of joy.

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Robin Johnson, 61, couldn’t help but let out the loud shriek the moment she discovered her daughter-in-law was pregnant.

“Robin responds like that when she’s surprised, although that one was bigger,” her husband and grandfather-to-be Bruce Johnson, 53, told

The New York state couple was visiting their son Rob Johnson, 31, and daughter-in-law Keli Johnson, 29, for the weekend in North Carolina when they noticed a “Baby on Board” sign taped to the guest room’s door, according to footage licensed by Caters News.

They then opened the door, luggage in hand, to reveal a room decorated in balloons and the word “Baby” hung across the headboard.

“We’ve been looking forward to becoming grandparents for a while,” Bruce said.

He said he and his wife have been planning a trip to visit, and Keli, who is 17 weeks along, found out she was expecting shortly after. “They kept the secret through the entire vacation planning,” Bruce explained.

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The expecting couple was even able to organize a gender reveal later that weekend, and even father-to-be Rob was shocked to see blue smoke, revealing a son was on the way.

“Rob had hoped for a boy, and while it’s great to have the family name carried on, we had no preference,” Bruce said. “A first grandchild is awesome – boy or girl. We can’t wait to meet him.”

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