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Newlywed Convicted of Murder-for-Hire After Jury Deliberates for Just 90 Minutes

Playing Newlywed Convicted of Murder-for-Hire After Jury Deliberates for Just 90 Minutes

The Florida newlywed accused of hiring a hit man to do away with her husband has been found guilty in the murder-for-hire case after three trials.

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Sobs were heard behind Dalia Dippolito as the verdict was announced Friday in a Palm Beach County court.

Dippolito herself looked distraught as she sat with her hands cuffed behind her.

She then asked the judge if she could call her son.

Dippolito, a realtor, was secretly recorded as she met an undercover cop posing as a hitman.

Officers later staged a fake murder scene at her house in Boynton Beach, telling Dippolito that her husband of just seven months had been slain.

Some of the officers said they had trouble keeping a straight face as she shed crocodile tears.

At her first trial in 2011, a jury found Dippolito guilty of soliciting a murder. That conviction was overturned on appeal.

She was tried a second time last year, but that trial resulted in a hung jury.

At her third trial, her ex-husband, Michael, took the stand.

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This time, the jurors deliberated for just 90 minutes before returning with a guilty verdict.

Court officials had to call an ambulance when the 34-year-old defendant started hyperventilating.

Her lawyer, Brian Claypool, vows another appeal.

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