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5-Year-Old Girl Uses Birthday Money to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

(Jennifer Perkins) (Jennifer Perkins)

A generous Tennessee 5-year-old is thinking of others on her birthday once again, donating a portion of her birthday money to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Ella Russell takes her Aug. 8 birthday money each year and puts 10 percent in the bank. She gives another 10 percent to charity.

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This year, when the kindergartener saw the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, she knew exactly where her money was going.

The girl's mother, Jennifer Perkins, said Ella is no stranger to good deeds.

“I have been trying to teach her it doesn’t matter you creed, color or gender; we all have to help each other,” Perkins told “I have been a social worker for 17 years, so she's used to feeding the homeless and things like that.”

The 5-year-old decided she wanted to buy water for Texans displaced by the storm this year. The family has taken to social media to ask friends and family to help with the effort.

“Her $10 turned into about $280 and 146 cases of water,” Perkins said.

The family took the water to their local drop-off spot at Rio Revolution Church. The water she bought has already been sent to Houston.

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Now, the family is working on collecting hygiene products and diapers.

“I mean I thought it was great idea... that’s just how her family is," Perkins said. "It’s not abnormal for us to see a homeless person to give them money or volunteer. We just want to inspire other people to give. Our main goal is that these people aren’t forgotten."

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