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Teen Gets Nice Reward After Returning Wallet Containing $1,500 in Cash

Playing Teen Gets Nice Reward After Returning Wallet Containing $1,500 in Cash

A California teen has been praised for his honesty after returning a wallet filled with $1,500 cash to its rightful owner.

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Tyler Opdyke, 18, found the wallet in the driveway of a home in Sacramento, Calif.

“It was a large amount of cash,” he told Inside Edition. "I had the decision, you know. I could do right or I could do wrong."

Opdyke decided to do the right thing.

Surveillance video shows him approaching the home. The homeowner, Melissa Vang, didn’t want to open the door because he was a stranger.

So the teenager held the wallet to the camera to make sure she knew the money was all still there. He then leaves it by the front door.

"When I checked my video, he had walked away and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh that's my husband's wallet,'" she told Inside Edition. "It touched my heart that he would leave that much money.”

The family was planning a big party and they had withdrawn the cash to buy food and drinks.

She posted the video on social media, and Opdyke's good deed has now gone viral.

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"It’s just surreal," the teen admitted. "This is a dream right now. I’m getting so much exposure over something everybody should do."

Opdyke also got a nice reward from the family as a thank you.

“She gave me $150,” he said. “I already spent it!”

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