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Jihad Jane's Ex-Boyfriend Talks to INSIDE EDITION

INSIDE EDITION is talking to the ex-boyfriend of the blonde who called herself "JihadJane." The FBI says she's a homegrown American terrorist.

"Did you ever refer to her as Jihad Jane?" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asks Kurt Gorman.

"No I heard [that name] on the news," Gorman says.

Gorman told INSIDE EDITION he lived with the woman, whose real name is Colleen LaRose, for five years. Gorman says he had no idea his 46-year-old girlfriend had a secret life.

They shared an apartment in a house on a tranquil street in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. Gorman says LaRose didn't have a job, rarely left the house, and spent most of her time on her computer.

A federal indictment says she used the aliases "JihadJane" and "Fatima LaRose" in communications over the internet with terrorists overseas.

"Did you ever see her dressed in traditional Muslim clothing?" asks Boyd.

"No," says Gorman.

Her ex-boyfriend says he came home last august to find that out-of-the-blue, she'd moved out.  

The FBI says she stole his passport and gave it to a terrorist suspect in Asia.  

If convicted, LaRose faces life in prison.

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