Family Survives Plane Crash Landing, Captures Drama On Camera

Family Survives Plane Crash Landing, Captures Drama On Camera

Airdate: 02/05/2013

A cellphone camera captured every dramatic second as a plane is about to crash land. The lives of the family on board, including a seven-month-old baby, hung in the balance.

The baby screamed in the wreckage.

Unbelievably, little Jacob Fielding, his dad and mom, survived unscathed.

Kara and Jonathan fielding had taken Jacob on a sightseeing flight for Kara's birthday. It was the young mom's first time in a plane.

Kara said, "Things could have turned out so incredibly wrong."

During the flight, Johnathan records the view and said, "Right now I'm just making this video. I love my family."

As they flew over a beautiful snow-covered valley in Utah, the pilot, a family friend, made a grim announcement.

The pilot said, "We were just told that there's carburetor ice."

Kara told INSIDE EDITION, "I thought, it's just a joke."

But it's no joke. This was an emergency.

Johnathan said, "We all started looking for a place to land. We started looking at roads. Problem was there were just too many power lines."

Kara said, "I was praying, Lord, please please please let us live. I'm not ready to die. Help my baby."

Johnathan said, "I asked, what's the best way to secure Jacob, so I held on to him."

Then, the moment of impact came.

Johnathan said, "We flipped over. I'm upside down. I had Jacob in my arms and he's safe."

One by one, the survivors climb out, scarcely believing they are alive.

The pilot was caught on video saying, "We have just survived a crash landing."

Johnathan scans the scene and sees the damaged plane. Kara cradles little Jacob in a blanket.

Both Kara and Jonathan say the crash has made them appreciate little Jacob more than ever.

Johnathan said, "When I hold him, there's a different meaning now."

Kara said, "I take time to kiss him and tell him I love him a little bit longer and I hold him a little bit tighter."

A joyous feeling, triggered by a near disaster.

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