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Dead Shark Found On New York Subway

Just when you thought it was safe to go on the subway....look out! It's a shark!

Believe it or not, a small dead shark was spotted on the floor of a New York City subway car.

Straphanger Isvett Verde caught the shark—on film, that is. She smelled it before she saw it on a train bound for Queens early yesterday morning.

"There was a lot of screaming, 'Oh my God, what is that?" said Verde. "It smelled extremely fishy in there. I looked over and there was a dead shark."

We've seen creatures like rats on the subways before, but a shark? How did it get there? That's where this story starts to smell a little fishy.

Some wonder if it's a publicity stunt to hype the summer Syfy hit Sharknado, in which sharks caught in a tornado are terrorizing the population. And it also happens to be Shark Week on Discovery Channel.

Coincidence? We wonder.

"Maybe it's a prank, or maybe somebody just forgot their shark," joked Verde.

The creature was identified as a Dogfish Shark. The subway car carrying it was emptied until the train reached the end of the line, where the shark was placed in a garbage bag and disposed of.

But nobody will ever forget the shark on the subway.

"It was unusual, even for New York standards," said Verde.

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