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Jury Grants Ryan O'Neal Ownership Of Farrah Fawcett Painting

Ryan O’Neal can keep that Andy Warhol portrait of his longtime love, Farrah Fawcett. A jury in Los Angeles sided with the 72-year-old actor after the University of Texas sued him. The University claimed Fawcett willed the painting to them after she died in 2009.
Fawcett’s son, Redmond was outside court with his half-brother, Patrick. Redmond said, “It's a great Christmas gift, man.”

Patrick said, “On behalf of our father and Redmond we just want to say how thrilled we are right now. Redmond’s mother, Farrah is a true angel.”

Ryan wasn't there for the verdict. He was undergoing minor surgery on his cheek.

When the Charlie’s Angels star died, she left all her artwork to the University of Texas. But Ryan claimed the Warhol, said to be worth more than $12 million, belongs to him and the jury agreed.
Patrick said, “We're just happy and now hopefully, Farrah, your mom, can rest in peace.”
Redmond said, “Exactly, I know she had something to do with this up there.”

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