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Kent State Professor In Road Rage Incident

Playing Kent State Professor In Road Rage Incident

A shocking road rage incident on the campus of Kent State University in Ohio was captured on cell phone video.

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The guy standing by the driver window of another vehicle and screaming is a professor.

In the video, he can be heard saying, “What kind of a moron are you?! You son of a [expletive]!”

The professor was going bonkers at the driver for allegedly texting while driving. The professor's name is Linden Adkins. The video was shot by a student on his cell phone.

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The professor teaches Applied Engineering. When he was going nuts on the driver, Adkins was dragged and almost fell under the car. 

Adkins sustained minor injuries.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke to him today.

He said, "He was looking down, he wasn't looking out. That is why he ran the stop sign and he was about to run into me. I saw this girl, when she saw the car coming she didn't see it time, in just enough time to leap out of the way and leap back to the curb."

The professor has been charged with menacing but says he did nothing wrong. Still, local officials say he went way too far.

Trent asked, "Was there not a better way you could have handled this?"

Adkins replied, "Both what you would do or what I would do would be wrong. But in reality, is it very wrong with what I did?"

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