Dad Uses Pacifier to Make Baby Erupt in a Hysterical Fit of Giggles

Toby and his adorable infant son Tyler were playing with his pacifier one night before bedtime and the baby just could not stop giggling.

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Tyler's mom, Paige, posted the video on Facebook and in just a few days it has already been seen over five million times. Paige tells INSIDE EDITION that they've never seen him get so excited and giggle that much.

She said: “Tyler got a major case of the giggles and lost it. We've never seen him get so ticked that he threw his head back in laughter. It was hilarious. So, I grabbed my phone and shot a few videos of my sweeties doing what they do everyday …being goofballs.”

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This video is absolutely hysterical and will surely put a smile on your face.

“We thought it was funny. Apparently, so did everyone else,” said Paige.

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