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Watch the Elderly, Preschoolers and Athletes Lose Their Minds Over Puppies

Playing Watch the Elderly, Preschoolers and Athletes Lose Their Minds Over Puppies

Could a puppy really make everything better?

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A new ad from Puppy Chow and marketing firm SoulPancake called “#PowerofPuppies” showed how the young pooches brightened the day of various people from different walks of life.

The ad shows puppies entering a preschool, a retirement home and a gym. Kids, young adults and the elderly were all given puppies to play with and the immense joy displayed on their faces proved the companies’ theory.

One preschooler said, “I didn’t see that coming” after he played with the puppies.

A woman inside the retirement home said “That was special.” 

“I wish they were always there after a workout,” said a gym member.

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In a press release, Office actor Rainn Wilson, who is one of SoulPancake’s founders said: “Imagine this - you're doing what you do on a regular day, bored out of your mind, and then suddenly you're handed a pile of puppies. Actually no need to imagine it, because we did this IRL. You're welcome.”

Keith Peterfeso, Brand Manager for Purina Dog Chow said, "We wanted to celebrate the launch of our new Puppy Chow Natural formula by demonstrating the power puppies have to naturally brighten anyone's ordinary and mundane day."

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