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Has The Virgin Mary Appeared in This Tree Outside a Catholic Church?

(Northwest Indiana Times) (Northwest Indiana Times)

Has the Virgin Mary appeared in a Chicago tree?

That's what some parishioners at St. Kevin Catholic Church are telling the Northwest Indiana Times.

Just after a mass celebrating the church's 135th anniversary, churchgoers spotted what appears to be a three-dimensional depiction of Mary in a tree outside the building.

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A growing number of visitors have been encouraging parishioners and other faithful to pay homage to the mother of Christ by leaving flowers and other offerings at the tree.

"I believe it's her. She does appear in weird places," one visitor, Maria Tellez, told

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Indeed, Christians everywhere maintain Mary and Jesus himself can appear in everyday objects.

Just last month, a mother in Florida believed she saw Jesus on the cross in a diaper.

And the month before that, in April, Aley Meyer of Indiana told she was convinced she saw Christ in an ultrasound of her unborn baby.

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