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Teen Dancer With Backward Foot Meets Fellow Cancer Survivors Who Had Same Procedure

Playing Teen Dancer With Backward Foot Meets Fellow Cancer Survivors Who Had Same Procedure

A Missouri teen whose foot appears backwards on her leg after a startling cancer diagnosis is still dancing, and inspiring others like her.

Gabi Shull has been dancing since she was 3 years old. In 2010, she experienced a sharp pain in her knee. An MRI revealed a tumor and she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma a rare form of cancer.

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“She started crying immediately,” her mother, Debbie, recalled. “She says: ‘Am I gonna die?’ and we said: “No, you’re not.’”

A surgeon recommended rotationplasty — when the knee is removed and the lower leg is rotated backwards and fused with the thigh allowing the ankle to function as the knee.

With a prosthetic attached, her leg looks normal, and she hasn't slowed down.

“I’m pretty amazed by what I can do,” she told Inside Edition.

Shull recently traveled to Houston to perform in a fundraiser for children battling cancer this past summer.

There, she met two young cancer survivors who had the same procedure that helped the 15-year-old Shull and are awaiting their prosthetic legs: 11-year-old Jessica, and Gillian, 19, a college student.

Shull later took the stage and wowed the crowd and inspired everyone by taking a giant step forward.

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“I was expecting to look odd, so once I got over that I was just learning how to walk again,” the 15-year-old said of her surgery. “I just prayed a lot and stayed positive.”

She went through a year’s worth of rehab and mastered the use of the prosthetic leg with ease.

One of her sisters told Inside Edition: "I would not think Gabi would let cancer stop her from doing what she's wants."

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