100-Year-Old Alleged Former Nazi Will Stand Trial on Charges of Involvement of the Deaths of Nearly 3,500 Jews

View of a former watchtower on the grounds of the Sachsenhausen memorial. A digital memorial service for the victims of National Socialism took place at the memorial site on the grounds of the former Nazi concentration camp.
Photo by Paul Zinken/picture alliance via Getty Image

German prosecutors charged the man in February for his alleged role at the Sachsenhausen Nazi concentration camp. He remains unidentified due to the country's privacy laws.

A 100-year-old alleged ex-Nazi will stand trial in October after German prosecutors charged him for playing a role in nearly 3,500 deaths at a concentration camp north of Berlin. The man remains unidentified as part of Germany's privacy laws, according to the Washington Post and a local German media outlet. The outlets attempted to reach a representative for the man but he could not be reached and it is unclear whether he has retained an attorney.

Prosecutors accused him of working at the Sachsenhausen Nazi concentration camp nearly 20 miles north of the country's capital where tens of thousands of Jews are estimated to have been victims, according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

His alleged crimes include complicity in executions by firing squad and poisonous gas. He was deemed fit to appear in court despite his old age, BBC reported.

Because Nazi camp guards generally went anonymous, prosecutors have found it difficult to identify specific defendants and prove any acts against victims.

But in 2011 a court in Munich found a man guilty of accessory to murder for serving as a guard at Sobibor, an extermination center in occupied Poland, part of Polish territory turned by Nazi Germany into General Government. John Demjanjuk denied any involvement and died a year later.

A 96-year-old woman has also been accused of working as a Nazi, as a secretary to the commandant of the Stutthof concentration camp in what is now Poland, and will similarly face trial this year, the Post reported. A legal representative for the woman did not respond to the outlet.

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