Watch These DJ's Collaborate with a Domino's Pizza Delivery Guy

An unlikely musical mash-up.

Normally, you would order Domino’s for inexpensive pizza that comes with quick delivery. While tipping is generally customary to the driver, what if you gave them a chance to be part of a song?

That is what Australian DJ duo Mashd N Kutcher did when they ordered a Domino’s pizza pie. When the Domino’s driver showed up with the delivery, the duo asked if he could play a few notes on a keyboard and say a few lines into a microphone.

Thought it may seem like a small ordeal, the musicians managed to translate what the delivery guy did into music. Now, the guy who thought he was just doing his job bringing a pizza, will storm dance floors in Australia and beyond.

This isn’t the first time Mashd N Kutcher has done stunts like this. In the past they have sampled the sounds of a coffee maker, the ambient sounds of an airplane in flight, and the sound of an electronic toothbrush in use. They duo takes every day sounds and objects and makes catchy dance songs around them.

We look forward to what their next sample will be!