Attention Shoppers! Ashton Kutcher Punks Unsuspecting Australian Customers

Dressed as a Lenovo engineer, the actor had everyone fooled.

Ashton Kutcher pranked some unsuspecting shoppers at an electronic store in Australia posing as a Lenovo product engineer for the company’s latest ad.

Kutcher put on his best Aussie accent and dressed as a Lenovo engineer with a blonde wig, glasses, baseball hat, phony tattoos, and fake piercings on his eyebrow and under his lip. It was as if he was back to his old Punk’d ways.

The actor really pushed the limits, making sexual innuendos to customers and arm wrestling prospective buyers. He even locked lips with a shopper.

When customers found out it was Kutcher, they were surprised and delighted to be a part of his antics.

It was fun to see him back to his pranking ways. Watch the full video below: