Sound of Music 50th Anniversary Has Christopher Plummer Changing His Tune

"I've been naughty about it over the years."

It's the return of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer to the red carpet  for the 50th anniversary celebration of The Sound of Music.

For half-a-century, Plummer was not a big fan of the classic movie. He actually called it "awful" and "gooey." But, he's now singing a different tune. 

Plummer told INSIDE EDITION, "I've been naughty about it over the years. I think it's a marvelous family movie and we need a family movie in these rough times."

The Von Trapp girls were at the celebration. Heather Menzies Urich played Louisa. Kym Karath played little Gretl.

INSIDE EDITION asked them, "What happened? Can you believe it?"

"We can't, I can't believe anything's been 50 years!" they replied.

Debbie Turner, who played Marta, recalled her favorite scene, saying, "I think the last scene we filmed when we were all in the parlor after we had fallen in the lake."

Why is The Sound of Music still so popular today? Film critic Leonard Maltin says it's timeless.

"The opening reveal in the scene where we discovered Julie Andrews twirling around on that mountaintop and singing the title song. That's hard to beat," said Maltin.