Man Steals Cash From Girl Scouts Selling Cookies

He got into a getaway car with two other people.

New Hampshire police are looking for a man who allegedly robbed a troop of Girl Scouts selling cookies.

The Girl Scouts were selling cookies in front of a Walgreens store in Rochester when a thief walked out of Walgreens, grabbed their cash box, jumped into a car with two other people in it and took off.

The Girl Scouts and chaperones were stunned at the theft that happened before anyone could react. Troop leader Ernie Brown told reporters, "Just catching him out of the corner of my eye, standing right next to the table and the cash box as it happened, there was just no time to really process anything."

Two-Year-Old crossed dark street, walks into store to buy candy alone at 11pm.

The car in question was later found with no one inside. Police have not said how much money was in the cash box.

Praising the Girl Scouts, troop leader Michelle Elefson said, "All four of those girls showed back up with smiles on their faces. They got back on the proverbial horse and rode it. They sold their cookies all day and did a great job."