Best Husband Ever Documents Miserable Vacation without His Wife

These pics prove he just couldn’t have fun without her.

"Wish you were here. Boy, do I wish you were here," That's the message a glum husband is sending to his wife back home.

Kevin Blandford won a dream trip for two to Puerto Rico but his wife, Bonnie, couldn't go with him because she had to look after their seventh-month-old baby.

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Kevin went anyway, but on Reddit, he posted hilarious photos of himself not having any fun at all.

He went snorkeling and didn't have fun.

He played the slots and didn't have fun.

And of course, being alone in bed in his hotel room was total misery.

Even on the plane heading to Puerto Rico, he was missing his family.
He posted the photos under the headline: "Won A Trip To Puerto Rico And Couldn't Take My Wife. Didn't Have A Single Second Of Fun."

Bonnie told INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney that she was a little envious at first.

She said, "It was just a really hilarious joke. I knew I could have gone if I wanted to leave her behind but I just couldn't."

McInerney asked Kevin, "You really missed them, huh?"

"I did, I did. It was rough being so long without them," he said. 

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So who was taking the photos? It was a buddy who Kevin ended up taking on the five-day trip.

McInerney laughed as she asked, "Everybody wants to know, where are the real pictures?"

Kevin proclaimed, "Those are the real pictures."

Kevin's photos are putting a smile on a lot of faces.

"Adorable," was one comment online.

"You are a good man," said another.

McInerney asked, "Bonnie, what do you want people to know about your husband? Is he a pretty good husband?"

"He is. He’s a great husband and a great father. Just incredible," she said.