California Drought Leaves One Town Looking Like A 21st Century Dust Bowl

See life in East Porterville with no water.

It's raining in California and kids are actually celebrating.
But don't let the rain fool you, East Porterville is the town without water. It is ground zero in the California drought and has become a 21st century dust bowl. The wells have all dried up.

It's so bad they have to truck water to homes in 2,500 gallon tanks.

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For the first time in history the state has ordered everyone to cut their water use by 25%. For the people of East Porterville, 25% of nothing is still nothing because the town has completely run out of water.
Amy McGlove has to get up at the crack of dawn and brings her kids to the local church to take showers in trailers.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “It's not going to be hot water but a shower is better than no shower.”

She fixes her daughter's hair in the parking lot.

Then she and her brother brush their teeth at an outdoor sink before they head off to school.

Down the street Angelica Gallegos has dozens of cases of bottled water stacked outside her house.
She washes her dishes in two big bowls. She has a green bowl for washing and a red bowl for rinsing.

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“I do my cups first then my pots,” she said.  

Angelica then uses the dirty water to clean her floors, fill the toilet, and water her thirsty plants.

For the good people of East Porterville living without running water is now the new normal.

The spring storm won't come close to quenching four straight years of drought. It's literally just a drop in the bucket.