This Guy Showed Up Way Underdressed to Meet the President

Classic nightmare scenario.

President Obama is in a meeting, with him are a bunch of smartly dressed officials. The guy at the head of the conference table is wearing a polo shirt!

Lance Futch was, a bit, shall we say "under dressed" for his close encounter with the Commander in Chief.  

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian asked him, "What were you thinking?!"

He responded, "It was a moment of panic."

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Futch is a manager at a Salt Lake City Solar Energy company. He said he had no idea the President would be visiting, let alone find himself sitting one seat away from the President!

Futch answered, "The event was going to be business casual. Just to make sure I Googled business casual and I saw khakis and a polo shirt.  So, I blame Google at this point."

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It's a moment in his life Futch will never forget, even if he will be forever remembered as Polo shirt guy.

Futch told INSIDE EDITION, "From now on if I see business casual I'm definitely overdressing."