'Serve Booze at Baby Showers' Party Planner Wanders onto Freeway as Good Samaritans Rush to Save Her from Traf

Why were her pants unbuttoned?

A young woman out on the freeway seemingly unaware of the danger around her.   

It was two in the morning and her car stalled, smack in the middle of busy I-15 in San Diego. She was looking for jumper cables!

A cameraman from KGTV caught the drama, and things went from bad to worse!  

"Don't stand in the road, don't stand in the road! They're going to hit you!" an onlooker said.

She ignored the trucks and cars whizzing by and just wandered back out onto the freeway.  She sure seemed out of it!

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"Don't go into the lanes!  Don't go into the lanes!" another yells.

Her name is Clarissa Teixeira, and she's a party planner, specializing in baby showers. According to her blog, one of Clarissa's favorite themes:  "Serve Booze at Baby Shower."

"Don't stand in the road!" they yelled.

Good Samaritans risked their lives trying to stop traffic so no one gets run over. Meanwhile, Clarissa  returned to her car, apparently oblivious to it all and she made a phone call!

"Get out of the car! Get out of the car!  You're going to get hit by a car! Lady your life is in danger!" someone yelled to her.

Just last week the same cameraman caught this woman, Amber McKinney, a budding journalist, taking a snooze on another freeway in San Diego.

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In that drama, a cop had to smash in her window to rescue her.  She was arrested on suspected DUI.

So history repeats itself. Now it's Clarissa the party planner's turn to be arrested for DUI.