Drivers Ditch Cars to Grab Cash Flying out of Armored Car

Watch them pull in the big bills.

It was a mad scramble as motorists abandoned their cars and grabbed cash that just flew out of a Brinks truck.

Joel Aldridge shot video on a highway outside Dallas after the money fell out of the armored vehicle.

Joel Aldridge

He said, “The first guy walking back toward me, he had a wad of cash in his hands with money sticking out the fingers. Young, old, men, women, workers, ladies out there dressed in high heels. People had abandoned all sense of whatever and they were running after it.” 

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And it's not dollar bills we're talking about. These were twenties and hundreds!

Police say "a substantial amount of cash" was lost and they warn anyone who picked up the money could face prosecution if it isn't returned.

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Crazy scenes like that have happened before.

In a Los Angeles car chase in 2012, two bank robbery suspects sent stolen money flying out of the window, hoping to slow down cops as people raced to pick it up.

Fistfuls of dollars were thrown out of an SUV during a car chase in San Diego in 2009. It was literally raining twenties and hundreds! There was a mad scramble by drivers to take the money and run.  

Now, another mad dash for the cash in Dallas.