Hillary Clinton Surprises Families at Gas Station, Takes Road Trip in 'Scooby' Van

The Hillary machine is hitting full speed.

What a gas!

One college student ran into Hillary Clinton at a gas station on her way to her first campaign stop in Iowa.

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The student, Chris Learn, told INSIDE EDITION, "I was definitely a little nervous to go up there and ask her, I mean, who wouldn't be."

Hillary is traveling in a luxury GMC van and she's nicknamed hers "Scooby."

In the vehicle with her is her top aide, Huma Abedin, Press Secretary Nick Merrill, and a Secret Service agent who's doing the driving.

The total driving time is an estimated 15 hours, a straight beeline west on Interstate 80.

Learn added, "There's probably about ten people, maybe two cars, and her Scooby Doo van."

Hillary posted a photo of herself with another family she met at the gas station in Pennsylvania.

She said, "Met a great family, many more to come."

On Monday, Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida also threw his hat into the ring.

On Saturday Night Live, comedian Kate McKinnon played Hillary for laughs.

In the skit she said, "I am running because I want to be a voice for women everywhere."

And, Darrell Hammond returned to do his trademark Bill Clinton impression.

During the skit, he added, "Did someone say women everywhere? Hillary would make a great president, and I would make an even greater 'first dude.'"

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Politico.com writer Kenneth Vogel says keep an eye for Chelsea Clinton. She's already playing a major role in her mother's campaign.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "We talk about the invisible hand of Chelsea Clinton. That's what people in Clinton world call it because she literally influences every single major decision her parents make."