INSIDE EDITION Talks to Author of Angelina Jolie Tell-All

Andrew Morton, who just published an unauthorized tell-all about Angelina Jolie, talks to INSIDE EDITION about the actress's childhood relationship with her mother.

It's one of the most startling claims in the new unauthorized biography of Angelina Jolie. Author Andrew Morton writes that when Jolie was 14, her boyfriend moved in with her family. Jolie's late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, thought that she could keep a better eye on the wild young couple that way.

Morton also writes that not only did Bertrand allow Jolie's boyfriend to move in, but she also gave them the master bedroom.

Morton says Jolie's problems began in the first months of her life. That's when her father, actor Jon Voight, dumped her mother for another woman.

"Her mother was so distraught when Jon Voight left her she couldn't bear to look at Angelina. She felt that Angelina looked like Jon Voight and it just reminded her of him," Morton tells INSIDE EDITION.

So, Morton says, baby Angelina was banished to live in an office five floors above her mother's Los Angeles apartment and taken care of by a rotation of babysitters. Morton calls the arrangement Jolie's "Ivory Tower."

"Every day for well over a year she was in a white crib, in a white room, on her own. Her first memory was looking out of a window, wondering why she was here. Her mother was downstairs. She took onboard her mother's pain," Morton says.

Morton also writes that in her early life, Jolie refused to cry.

"She refused to hug, refused to cry, she didn't want any help from anybody else, and again you're back to that Ivory Tower, that crib, lying there alone, not knowing who was putting you to bed at night, who was going to wake you up in the morning, knowing that the mother figure that you adore, that you love absolutely unconditionally, has somehow rejected you," he says.

The actress has made no secret of her troubled past, but she's never discussed the disturbing picture painted by Morton. One thing is for certain: Jolie's rise from troubled youth to the most glamorous woman in Hollywood continues to intrigue the world.

Morton says, "Hers is a very short life, she's only 35, but it's been a very rich life and she's lived it hard and she's lived it fast."