Nik Wallenda Looks to Raise the Stakes with Latest Stunt

"It is going to be extremely challenging."

The high-flying Nik Wallenda tells INSIDE EDITION that he is upping the ante and attempting to walk along the Orlando Eye on April 29th.

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He said, “There is plenty of training. My whole life is about balance. Since I was two years old I have walked on a wire, this is more unique. It is going to be extremely challenging." 

The 400-foot attraction is billed as the largest observation wheel on the East Coast and Wallenda tells us that he will walk the whole structure as it spins.

He said, “For me the challenge is that I am not in control anymore. It is extremely nerve-wracking for me to have that in the back of my mind, knowing that I have to keep up with that thing.”

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Wallenda is a seventh generation highwire performer who famously walked across two Chicago skyscrapers and Niagara Falls.