Couple Shocks Family and Friends Revealing Best Kept Secret Ever: Twins


Many expecting parents choose not to find out if they're having a boy or a girl, making the surprise of their baby's arrival another reason to celebrate.

Sharon and Korey Rademacher wanted it to be a surprise, and boy, did they get one when Sharon Rademacher gave birth to twins.

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When family and friends arrived at the Florida hospital to find out if the Rademachers had a boy or a girl, they had no idea the couple had a much bigger surprise in store for them. Their priceless reactions were all videotaped as they came into the room to see twin baby girls.

Sharon told INSIDE EDITION, "We like surprises. We both thought it would be something fun. We'd never seen anyone do it before."

One after the other, the expressions of shock, joy, and jaw-dropping excitement were recorded. They even videotaped their online video calls with family and friends from out of town as they revealed the two little bundles of joy.

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Reactions ranged from, 'Are you kidding me?!' 'What?!' 'How could you keep a secret like that?' and speechless, wide-eyed looks of shock.

If they didn't pull off one of the best kept secrets ever, they came pretty close!