Buckingham Palace Guard Takes Epic Fall During Serious Ceremony

Even he laughed at it!

The secret to cracking the traditionally serious expression of the Queen's Buckingham Palace guards may be out.

During the daily Changing of the Guard ceremony one of the guards slipped on a manhole cover while attempting to change places with a fellow guard. With hundreds of tourists watching, of course the embarrassing, and hilarious blunder was caught on video. SWNS TV shared the video with us.

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The best part of it all was the frozen-faced guard couldn't help but smile as he scrambled to get back on his feet. How the other guards held in their laughter is anyone's guess.

But this isn't the first time we've ever seen the teeth of a Buckingham Palace guard. One guard actually laughed when someone told him a joke. And in 2007, a guard lost his footing but managed to save himself from falling.

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A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense said they would not comment on "a young man falling over while doing his job."