Heartwarming Experiment Shows Loving Bond Between Mother and Child

Even blindfolded, these kids found their mom.

The remarkable bond between a mother and her child is displayed like we've never seen before in a touching ad from a jewelry company.

Pandora Jewelry posted the ad on YouTube and word is spreading just in time for Mother's Day. The ad shows six moms standing in a line. Their kids are blindfolded and asked to go down the line of women to find their mom.

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One by one, the children went down the line, touching faces and hands and smelling clothes trying to find their mother. Without fail, each child found their mom, and some were so sure, they hugged their mom before taking their blindfold off.

The ad ends on the touching note, "All women are unique."

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Pandora Jewelry made it clear these were real mother's with their kids, not actors.

Charisse Ford, CMO of Pandora Americas said, "Every child shares a deep connection with their mother and we wanted to capture and express this emotion in a way that was both unique and universal."

They certainly succeeded.