Levi Johnston Speaks About Break Up with Bristol Palin

Levi Johnston speaks out at the Teen Choice Awards about his recent breakup with Bristol Palin.  INSIDE EDITION reports from the red carpet.

Levi Johnston breaks his silence about this big breakup with Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol.

"I'll always love her, but it's over," said Johnston. 

"We're doing great.  I talk to her every day and keep in touch.  Even with us broken off, it's like we're together.  We found a way to kind of work with each other," Johnston continued.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Johnston at the Teen Choice Awards, and he refused to blame his own his bad boy behavior for the breakup.  He says it's the media's fault.

"I think it had to do with a lot of the media.  It's tough being in a relationship in the limelight," said Johnston.

Johnston was there with singer Brittani Senser.

"I'm shoooting a video with Levi tomorrow," said Senser.

Brittani confirms she and Johnston are set to shoot a music video together.  In People magazine, Bristol said that video which she believed would mock her mother was the final straw in their relationship.

"He's just obsessed with the limelight. I got played," Bristol tells People.

But Levi emphatically denies the video will trash Sarah Palin.

"This video we are doing is not about Sarah Palin.  They think it's about them, but it's not," proclaims Johnston.

Meantime, Sarah Palin was in a small fishing village in Alaska filming her reality show when she was confronted by a woman

"You swore on your precious bible that you would uphold the interests of the state, and then when cash was waved in front of your face, you quit," said the woman to Palin.

The video, posted on Youtube, shows the woman's 30 foot long banner saying "Worst Governor Ever."  She expressed anger at Palin for quitting the governor's job and becoming a celebrity.  That got Palin's daughter Bristol hopping mad.

Bristol said, "How is she a celebrity?"

Sarah Palin said, "I'm honored!  No, she thinks I'm a celebrity!

"Well, you're certainly not representing the state of Alaska any longer," said the woman on the video.