What is the Most Popular Emoji in America?

One company was on a question to find what icons smartphone users were utilizing around the world.

Texting on a smartphone or tablet is as common in people’s lives as walking in 2015. While these devices help us perform faster and stay connected, they also have fun ways for users to express themselves like the emoji keyboard.

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A company called SwiftKey wanted to know what emoji’s were being used the most in various countries around the world. They analyzed billions of pieces of emoji data and organized it by language and country.

The company’s chief marketing officer Joe Braidwood spoke to NPR about the results.

Braidwood said, “The overall thing we noticed is that 70 percent of all emojis sent are positive and so that's probably a good thing that we're talking to each other positively and using emoji to enhance that.”

Canada and America use violent emojis such as gun icons more than anyone in the world, but the most popular emoji in the States is the pizza icon.

Braidwood said, “Pizza was one of the most frequently used [emojis] in the U.S., as well as the chicken drumstick ... and I think it shows you that, versus other nations, you guys have particular food habits.”

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He said that the French use the heart emoji four times more than anyone else, Arabic speakers use the rose emoji 10 times more than anyone and Australians love a party.

“In Australia we found that emojis that referenced drugs, alcohol, junk food and holidays were used much more than any other nation," Braidwood said.

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