Bob Schieffer Wants to Write Songs for Carrie Underwood in His Retirement

Bob Schieffer has some big plans for his retirement, like writing songs for Carrie Underwood.

Bob Schieffer is a living legend at CBS News, and now that he's retiring, INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian just had to ask, "Could you ever have predicted you'd have such a long run?"

Schieffer joked, "Number one, I didn't think I’d live this long!"

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Schieffer's remarkable career began 52 years ago when he was a reporter for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and served as a war correspondent in Vietnam. His career blossomed when he moved to television and some of his greatest triumphs came after age 65.

"I was lucky enough to moderate three presidential debates, I wrote three books, two bestsellers, and anchored The Evening News for a few years,” he said.

A passionate man, Schieffer left no doubts about his personal feelings toward disgraced New York City politician Anthony Wiener, who sexted lewd photographs of himself to women.

He said on Face the Nation, "It is not funny! It is sickening!"

In 2011, Schieffer, a cancer survivor, really let presidential candidate Herman Cain have it over an ad showing his Chief of Staff smoking, saying, "Have you ever thought about just saying to young people don't smoke? 400,000 people die from smoking each year!”

Schieffer fought back tears when he announced his retirement at Texas Christian University last month. And you won't believe what the future holds for this 78-year-old TV icon.

"I might write a couple of songs,” he declared.

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Fabian said, "You could put out a YouTube music video, start a whole new career!"

Schieffer then admitted, "No, man! I want Carrie Underwood to record one of my songs!"

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