Woman Gives Birth on Interstate as President Obama's Motorcade Snarls Traffic

Jessica Brown was on her way to the hospital in Louisville, KY, when she hit traffic from President Obama's motorcade and was forced to give birth on I-65.

Thanks to President Obama, a beautiful baby was born on a highway!

The wild escapade began when Obama arrived in Louisville, Kentucky, just as Jessica Brown went into labor.

Her boyfriend, Zakk, raced to get her to the hospital, and ran smack into a wall of traffic, caused by the presidential motorcade! Zakk called 911.

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Zakk: Yes ma'am, I'm caught in traffic and my gifriend, she's, she's uh, having a baby!
Operator: Is her water broken?
Zakk: Is her water broke? No, I don't think so.

Jessica cried out when she realized why traffic wasn't moving on I-65.

"Obama just landed! Oh my god!" Jessica said.

And then, a miracle!

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Tonia Vetter, a nurse, happened to be stuck in traffic just a few cars behind them! She hurried to help.

Tonia exclaimed, "The baby was not going to wait for the President!"

Tonia took charge!

"I see the head crowning, yup the baby is coming now. It's a boy! I just delivered a baby on the interstate!" Tonia said.

Little Arlie Keith weighed in at eight pounds, nine ounces.

Mom and Dad are grateful for the nurse's help in this happy story, as the President inadvertently brought new meaning to the term 'labor relations!'

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