Mom Has Priceless Reaction When Finding Out Her Son Booked Taylor Swift's World Tour

Robert Green called his mom to let her know the good news that he was hired to dance for Taylor Swift. Her reaction was priceless.

Dancer and choreographer Robert Green has phenomenal moves and after being booked for Taylor Swift's “1989” World tour, he called his mom to share the big news.

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In a video he posted on YouTube called “A New Journey,” he put his mother on speaker phone and recorded the conversation.

He said, “Mom, I booked a world tour.”

She immediately started screaming and Robert had a smile from ear to ear. Then, he mentioned to her that it was with Taylor Swift.

As you would imagine, she was shocked and Robert couldn't help but become emotional about reaching this milestone.

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Even Swift saw the heartwarming video and tweeted, "I feel so lucky to get to perform alongside people who love it this much."

His mom had some nice words of encouragement.

She said to him, “This is only the beginning!”

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