Quitting a Job Becomes Creative

As many people are saying Steven Slater is their hero, INSIDE EDITION talks to an expert about the way Slater quit and takes a look at the unique ways other people have also quit their jobs.  

Just like the airplanes he used to work on, Steven Slater has taken off.  The flight attendant is a modern-day folk hero, with well over 100,000 Facebook fans, and counting!

Etiquette expert Harriette Cole said, "So many people are in love with Steven Slater right now because he did something they wish they could do.  They're living vicariously through him."

You know you're a living legend when you get your name on t-shirts.  The story is just two days old and its already been put to music!

The Ballad of Steven Slater on Youtube is proof that ditching your job in flamboyant fashion will get you noticed.  It sure works in Hollywood!

In Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta's character had this exchange with his boss:

"You take the afternoon off, you're fired," said his boss.

"Im doing it," said Travolta's charater Tony Manaro.

"You're fired!" said his boss.

Jerry Maguire said, "Don't worry.  I'm not going to do what you all think I'm going to do, which is to flip out."

But check out some real-life quitters we found on Youtube.  One guy is calm and direct, saying. "I'm sorry, I can't come in today, or any other day.  Any day I come in to work, I hate it."

Quite a contrast to a restaurant worker's final farewell, as he dances his way to the unemployment line, his shirt says it all, as he rips open his shirt, it says "I quit."

Cole said, "The right way to quit a job is to be level-headed, calm down, get your thoughts together, and then go to your boss and say 'I think it's time for me to go.' "

This man brought the dramatic soundtrack from 2001: A Space Odyssey to say farewell to his job.

A factory worker went on the intercom to let everbody know he'd had enough, saying, "I quit!"

But one man takes the cake—literally!  He wrote out his resignation letter on a cake!