Meet The Orangutan Who Thinks He is a Parent to Four Tiger Cubs

The Myrtle Beach Safari Park has an unlikely combo on their hands - an orangutan who thinks he is a dad to four tiger cubs.

Meet Suryia an orangutan who just loves pretending that he's a parent four baby tiger cubs.

The unlikely animal friends all live at the Myrtle Beach Safari Park in South Carolina and have a ball playing together.

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The park posted a playful video on YouTube of Suryia and the cubs playing with each other as if they were their own species.

According to the park, Suryia watched humans feeding and caring for the baby cubs and began imitating their behaviors and showed a genuine interest in wanting to help care for the baby tigers.

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He appears to be very connected to the to the one-to-two-month-old cubs with bottle feeding and cuddling.

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