Listen: Father Makes Frantic 911 Call After Leaving Baby in Car and Boarding Train

A Massachusetts dad got the fright of his life when he realized he forgot his baby in the car after hopping on a train to work.

A dad dialed 911 after accidentally leaving his sleeping baby in his car.

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The father of two, who works at prestigious M.I.T. in Massachusetts, explained that he dropped off his older child at day care and completely forgot to take the baby, sleeping in her car seat, out of the vehicle and to a different day care.

Then the dad, who asked that we not use his name or photo, parked his car in a lot and hopped on the train for a 20-minute ride to work at M.I.T. He said he realized his mistake just as he was arriving at his office on the campus of M.I.T.

That’s when he sprinted back to the train, and called 911. You could hear the concern in his voice.

"I left my 1-year-old baby in my SUV by accident," he said.

The dispatcher replied, "You left what?"

"My little baby," said the dad.

“I can't hear you, sir,” the dispatcher said to the dad, who replied, “I'm sorry, I'm on the train. I'm on my way back to the station now.”

We spoke to dispatcher Laurie Brancaccio, who said, "He was very scared and upset, very nervous. But he was very good in explaining where he had parked the car, so that helped a lot."

The dispatcher assured the dad, "We got help on the way there."

"Okay, I'll meet them there as soon as I can," he said.

Police rushed to reach his daughter, and thankfully, she was fine.

"They just said the baby was in the backseat, looking around smiling," said the dispatcher.

"We had a very close call," the remorseful dad said in a statement. "Like many parents, I have a very repetitive morning procedure that involves two day care drop offs and a [train] ride. The baby had fallen asleep in the child seat and I went into auto pilot."

Too many hurried parents have experienced the unimaginable heartbreak of losing their children after leaving them in cars that overheat.

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There are new gadgets that can prevent these tragedies. Russ Rusakov, President of Suddenly Safe, showed INSIDE EDITION'S Megan Alexander how a sensor placed in a baby seat sounds a loud alarm if the parent leaves a child behind.

“Once a child is placed in a safety seat it's activated. You take the key fob. You can walk away and it should alarm you immediately,” he said.

“It's vibrating and an alarm is going off. That's hard to miss,” said Alexander. 

“And it will continue until you remove the baby from the car," said Rusakov.

Another method some people are recommending is to take off your left shoe while you drive and place it next to the baby seat. When you get out of the car you remember you need your shoe - and your child.

These are all handy tips that could prevent a scare like this.

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