Who Will Be David Letterman's Final Guest?

As David Letterman begins his long goodbye to the 'Late Show,' rumors swirl as to who his final guest will be.

Will David Letterman really leave the late show next week? Not if George Clooney has his way!

"Let me see your wrist,” said Clooney, while appearing on the Late Show Thursday night.

Clooney actually handcuffed himself to Letterman - and stayed that way for the whole show!

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"You're not going anywhere, David Letterman!" he said.

There was a rare, late-night appearance from another showbiz icon - Al Pacino.

"Oh my god! Hey Al!" said Letterman.

As the biggest names in show biz continue making their way to this iconic New York City theater for a final farewell to Letterman, it's worth noting that Letterman actually brought new life to the Midtown neighborhood - and made some of the local merchants famous.

"I've had many fond memories of Dave,” said Rupert Jee, owner of the Hello Deli next to the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Fame comes with a price. Rents have risen drastically ever since Letterman moved in and revitalized the neighborhood two decades ago.

Jee’s mom-and-pop shop is the only small business left near the theater, but he's not worried by Letterman’s departure.

He said, "Business-wise, I think it'll be decent because Steven Colbert is coming in. It's going to be a new neighbor and a new adventure for me!”

Meanwhile, everyone's wondering, who will be Letterman's final guest next Wednesday?

"Man, for 33 years, we've had so much fun,” said Paul Shaffer.

We put the question to the longtime bandleader, but he didn't drop any names.

INSIDE EDITION'S Diane McInerney asked, "What can we expect on the finale?"

Shaffer said, "There's so much pressure on these finales now because everybody's having one. Knowing Dave, it's going to be very sincere. That's pretty much all I know about it."

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Oprah Winfrey is scheduled to appear on Friday’s show, and Julianna Margulies was also spotted entering the theater.

Tom Hanks is scheduled for Monday, and longtime Letterman favorite Bill Murray will be Tuesday's big guest.

In an interview airing on CBS Sunday Morning, Letterman gets serious as he takes Jane Pauley on a sentimental backstage tour of his beloved theater, vowing never to return.

"I don't think I'll ever be back in this building again, honestly," said Letterman.

"Because?" asked Pauley.

"I think it'd just be too difficult for me,” said Letterman.

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