Watch This Vigilante Shame Water Wasters During California Drought

During a record California drought, one man is shaming people who he says are wasting water.

Why is an irate homeowner blasting a perfect stranger with a garden hose?

“You're wasting more water!” Tony Corcoran said to one livid California resident.

He's gained the reputation as is a water vigilante.

Armed with a cell phone camera, Corcoran patrols the streets of Beverly Hills on his bicycle looking for people he says are wasting water in the middle of the worst drought in California history.

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Corcoran spots people he says are watering on days they are not allowed to and for longer than the maximum time limit.

Sometimes residents see red and burn up when Corcoran shows up and sees the water flowing.

“You'll be able to buy water ‘cause you're wealthy, but I'm just a regular guy with one year of water left and you're watering the sidewalk,” he says.

In nearby West Hollywood, Corcoran spotted water gushing out from under a homeowner’s gate. When she came outside, Corcoran confronted her.

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“It's been going on about 25 minutes,” he said to the homeowner. A few minutes later, the water stops.

Not everyone takes offense with Corcoran's tactics.

One Beverly Hills homeowner actually welcomed Corcoran's input. “It's supposed to be only eight minutes; that was about 15,” he said.

“Fifteen minutes? They are crazy. No wonder my water bill is so high,” said the homeowner.

Corcoran said as long as the record-breaking drought continues, he will keep on water shaming.

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