Toddler Killed By Falling Brick While Sitting on Bench with Grandmother

Two-year-old Greta Greene lost her life after bricks broke off a Manhattan building and struck her in the head over the weekend.

Heartbreaking photos of the adorable toddler who lost her life after bricks broke off a building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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In one photo, little Greta Greene is embraced by her mother, Stacy, a lactation consultant who lives in Brooklyn.

Her dad is an editor at the music website Greta was beloved by her grandmother, Susan Frierson.

Two-year-old Greta was sitting in her grandmother's lap on a bench outside the Esplanade Assisted Living Facility. Grandma lives around the corner of the facility. Out of the blue, terra-cotta bricks broke off a windowsill on the eighth floor and struck Greta. Workers have now put up scaffolding to keep it from happening again.

Nurses from the old age home ran out to give Greta CPR, and paramedics rushed her to the hospital in critical condition.

Greta's mom and dad made the agonizing decision to take Greta off life support and donate her little organs to save the lives of other children in dire need.

“Angel's Gift Of Life,” says the front page of The Daily News.

A law requires the inspection of buildings taller than six stories every five years. From 2009 to 2014, nine people were killed in New York City as a result of objects falling from buildings.

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It's a deadly problem in cities around the world when debris falling from buildings on to the streets below.

Today, there's a new victim and New York City mourns the loss of little Greta.

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