Undercover Cop Who Infiltrated Biker Gangs: They are Big, Sophisticated, Ruthless

As police in Waco, Texas appeal for a truce between The Cossacks and The Bandidos, an undercover officer warns us it's worse than you think.

Police in Waco, Texas, are appealing for a truce between the warring biker gangs involved in Sunday’s bloody gun battle that left nine dead.

In a press conference, the chief of police said, “Let the bloodshed stop!" 

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The gunfire erupted between members of The Cossacks motorcycle gang and their rivals The Bandidos, whose motto is "We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About."

Bandidos also wear patches saying “Mean And Cruel That's Our Rule” and "God Forgives Bandidos Don't. “

Kansas Cop Steve Cook infiltrated a biker gang.

Cook told INSIDE EDITION, “This is big business. It is organized crime.”

He says these gangs are not the romanticized outlaws portrayed in shows like Sons of Anarchy.

“Plain and simple they are organized crime on wheels. They are the modern mob. They are bigger more sophisticated more organized and candidly, more ruthless,” Cook said.

Concerned that more violence may erupt on Memorial Day weekend, police departments in Texas released a bulletin warning officers to consider "All Bandidos and Cossacks members as armed and dangerous."

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Edward Winterhalder has written about his life as a Bandido. He told INSIDE EDITION, "Between 60 and 70% of the guys are regular working guys. They have jobs, families, kids, they go to work each day." 

A staggering number of bikers are facing capital murder charges: 170 in total.

Texas police took so many into custody they had to bus them to a convention center for booking instead of a police station.

Now we are learning who some of these bikers are - and their double lives may surprise you.

One guy is a customer service representative at Penske, the truck rental company. Another guy works at FedEx. One dude is a service manager at a car dealership. Another biker works at an oil drilling company, and one is a rodeo cowboy.

Winterhalder told INSIDE EDITION, "This is the most violent incident that has occurred in the history of motorcycle clubs and motorcycle clubs have been on this planet since the early 1900's." 

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