CBS Orchestra Member Will Lee Looks Back on Working with Letterman

CBS Orchestra member Will Lee reflects on his long career with David Letterman.

Will Lee has been the bass player in David Letterman's late night band since before it had a name.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "There was no name for the band. It was just us guys playing together, having a good time. Whatever the band leader says it is, boom, that is it! 1, 2, 3, 4, let's rock!" 

Then Letterman started calling them "The Worlds Most Dangerous Band" and it stuck! But when his show moved from NBC to CBS, they got an upgraded name: The CBS Orchestra.

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Will Lee says watching The Beatles on Ed Sullivan inspired his career. Now, he works on that same stage where The Beatles made their historic American debut.

He said, "My parents were musicians, but that wasn't enough to get me sparked into a career of music. The one thing that did serve that purpose was The Beatles on February 9, 1964, playing at that very stage where I get be shown every night." 

One of the band's favorite performances each year has been Darlene Love's annual Christmas appearance.

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After Letterman is finished this week, Will Lee's musical career will keep moving forward. He performs almost every weekend with his band The Fab Faux.

Lee said, "The purpose of our band is not to get some wigs and some noses on our faces and talk with a fake Liverpool accent, we are not remotely resembling that. All we want to do is bring the records to the stage." 

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