"Craigslist Killer" Philip Markoff Commits Suicide in Prison

The accused "Craigslist Killer," 24-year-old Philip Markoff, took his own life in his cell in a Boston prison on what would have been his first wedding anniversary. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

There is anger that the accused "Craigslist Killer," 24-year-old Philip Markoff, was able to cheat justice by taking his own life.

The former medical student turned accused killer was found lying in a pool of blood in his cell at a Boston jail on the morning of August 15th.

The accused killer's death was painful and grisly. Reports say he gouged wounds in his neck and ankles with a pen, using his knowledge of medicine to locate a major blood vessel. He then wrapped a plastic bag around his head to suffocate himself.    

The family of his victim, 25-year-old Julissa Brisman, who advertised her services on Craigslist, is expressing disappointment at the suicide.
A statement said: "The family is shocked and dismayed. The long-awaited criminal prosecution was their only opportunity to confront him and now he has taken that away."
Markoff killed himself on what would have been his first wedding anniversary.

He was engaged to another medical student, Megan McAlister, when he was arrested in April of 2009. She later broke off the engagement with Markoff. INSIDE EDITION tried to speak to her father at her New Jersey home, but he said the family has no response at the moment.

Markoff was caught on hotel surveillance cameras moments after murdering Brisman.

Morgan Houston, who was friends with Markoff, tells INSIDE EDITION:

"I wish that he had left something behind to answer some of the questions that so many people have."