These Three Steps Could Save Your Life if You're Caught in Your Car in a Flood

As floods ravage Texas, AAA's Robert Sinclair, offers three tips to help you escape your car safely when it's trapped in rushing water.

It's a heart-stopping video the whole nation is talking about.

A driver was trapped in a white SUV and swept away by the catastrophic floods in Texas.

It happened near San Antonio after the SUV got caught in a raging flash-flood.

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Bystanders on both sides of the river yelled at the driver to get out, saying, "He needs to get out!"

One cell phone video showed the driver at the moment the SUV began it's terrifying trip downstream. Somehow, the driver managed to get out and escape alive.

But, one homecoming queen on her way home from her prom wasn't as lucky. Eighteen-year-old Alyssa Ramirez drowned when her car was swept away in the most devastating flooding ever seen in Texas in modern history.

One YouTube video showed cars that were abandoned on a flooded highway in Houston.

So, what should you do to get out alive if your car is trapped in raging water? INSIDE EDITION spoke to AAA's Robert Sinclair for some life-saving advice.

First, if you see rising water, don't drive through it!

He told INSIDE EDITION, "It can take just one foot of moving water to move a vehicle and carry it away."

Next, if your car becomes submerged, open your windows so the car fills with water and you can swim out. You can use a tool to cut your seatbelt and break a window.

Sinclair added, "If you didn't have the presence of mind to lower the glass, the vehicle is filled up with water, and the door won't open - then you can use that to break the glass."

Finally, in raging water, swim feet-first.

He said, "You want to keep your feet headed in the direction that you're going in. If you strike any objects it's better to do it with your feet rather than your upper body, your torso, or your head where you can be knocked unconscious."

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The flooding in Houston was so bad that fans at the NBA playoff game between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors were warned to stay inside the arena after the game.

Sports Radio Talkshow host Adam Clanton took some photos of fans sleeping on the floor and camped out everywhere they could.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "Everybody was happy they were dry. You know, the alternative was being soaked out there because you couldn't even see outside the door."

Houston superstar Dwight Howard stayed, too, and greeted fans at two in the morning!

Clanton added, "He can't get out there to where he needs to get to, as well, so he figured he might as well interact with the fans while he was waiting along with everybody else."

Everyone was waiting out the storm of the century.

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